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Vysya Dharma

Vysya Dharma

Paramatma, the creator of all, created the best of all, the man. He modeled him taking utmost care. Brahma ordai9ned Angirasa, Vasista and Apararka as the Gurus of Brahmin, Kshatriyas and Vysyas respectively. Maharshi Apararka imparted Vysya the knowledge of selling and buying, the distinction between sin and benevolence, how to follow Dharma, performing pious and good deeds. He instructed them that they could clear off the Rishi Runam (the owes to Rishis) through Veda Purana Sravanam (listening to Vedas and Puranas), dues to their ancestors by improving their Vamsam through Veda Purana Sravanam (listening to Vedas and Puranas), dues to their ancestors by improving their Vamsam through begetting Sathsanthanam and dues to Gods (Devata Runam) by performing all the sacred rituals. Vysyas should take care of cows, perform righteous business, follow Dharma and Nyaya, and perform cultivation at the right time to benefit all the people in the society. Apararka Maharshi instructed the Vysyas as follows:
Cow is the embodiment of all Gods. So, they must protect cows and perform “Go Pooja”. They must do business in the righteous way. They must have righteous behavior. They must cultivate at the business in pearls, diamond gums and other costly stones with good time sense and care.
They must treat only that amount as their earning which is left over after being used for Dharma Karyams. Even out of this, a part must be kept aside as caution deposit and they perform their business with the remaining. They should not be satisfied with what they have earned righteously. They should enjoy well. They should earn well for their old age when they are young in the same way, as one will earn during the day for the night.
Most importantly Vysyas must earn Punyam for the sake of happiness in the Para Loka. Thus the Maharshi exhorted Vysyas to perform their duties for God and the society, following Dharma.

Vysysa Dharma Prasikha

This is a book published in 1890 in old telugu accent and style which describes the way Vysysas or in fact any community should live or behave in all important aspects in life. A book which lays guidelines clearing doubts of many.

Author: A.Lakshmi Narasimham
Book Contributor: ROP, Hyderabad
Courtesy: Par Informatics, Hyderabad.

You can download this book in PDF format from the downloads page.



Copy right: K.S.S.Kumar

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