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Penugonda Kshetram


(Vasavi's Birth Place)

Penugonda is the birth place of Goddess Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameshwari .Sri Vasavi Kannika Parameshwari Temple is situated in Penugonda ,a town in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh.This Penugonda Kshetram is considered as the "Kasi of Vysyas" and is a holy place for vysyas.

The Birth place of Vasavi Matha. The holy Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari temple which finds mention in various ancient religious texts. According to a legend, Vasavi Kanyaka Paratneswariwas was famous for her beauty. The holy temple enshrining the triple deities- Sri Nagareswaraswamy, Mother Kanyakaparameswari and Mahishasuramardini. The temple is built in strict accordance with vastu sastra and so possessing sturdy prakars, tall gopuras , spacious courtyards, several minishrines, vast garbagrihas, grand mukhamandapas etc. it faces east and a tall tower surmounting over the broad mahadwara beckons the visitors with its beautiful sculptural pieces adoring it from top to bottom and on all four sides too. In front of it lies a vast courtyard with several buildings housing the office room, choultry and quarters for the staff. In the second Prakara, there are many mandapams installed with adorable deities, like Vinayaka, Bali, Navagrahas, besides the exquisitely made colorful statues of Mother Kanyakaparameswari standing in fire -pit with parents by her side.

The garbha griha of Nagareswaraswamy is quite spacious, and its spick and span together with the elevated vedh for the lingam in the center is masterly planned and tastefully executed. The imposing ling installed on a broad, high pedestial adorned with colorful garlands and the triple lines studded with diamonds is so captivating that the devotees raise their hands in veneration the moment it gleams into their sight. And feel transported to Kailas for a while. Its size and sheen are its plus points. The other two garbha grihas frankling this housing Mahishasuramardhini and Vasavamba are grand, and the icons beautified with dazzling jewels and colorful outfit mesmerises the adorers. A single darsan leaves unforgettable impression on the minds of the devotees and beckons repeated visits on and on.

Map to reach Penugonda

Postal Address:
Executive Officer
Sri Vasavi Temple,
Penugonda - 534 320
West Godavari Dist., AndraPradesh
Phone: (08819) 246083

Penugonda is :
35 kms from Tadepalligudem station
15 kms from Tanaku station
15 kms from Palakollu station
30 kms from Nidadavole station
50 kms from Rajahmundry station

These trains pass nearest to Penugonda:

From Chennai:
Train Name                                                 From To                                 Station to get down
1. Chennai-Howrah Mail                           Chennai Howrah                 Tadepalligudem
2. Bokaro Express Alleppy Bokaro
( Via Coimbatore, Erode, Salem, Chennai )                                             Tadepalligudem
3. Coramandel Express                                Chennai Howrah                 Rajahmundry
4. Circar Express                                           Chennai Kakinada               Tanuku

From Bangalore:
Train Name                                                   From To                                 Station to get down
1. Prasanthi Express                                    Bangalore Vizag                   Tadepalligudem

From Tirupathi:
Train Name                                                    From To                                 Station to get down
1. Tirumala Express                                      Tirupathi Vizag                     Tadepalligudem
2. Howrah Express                                       Tirupathi Howrah                 Tanuku

From Hyderabad:
Train Name                                                     From To                                 Station to get down
1. Gowthami Express                                     Secunderabad Kakinada     Tadepalligudem
2. Godavari Express                                      Hyderabad Vizag                   Tadepalligudem
3. East Coast Express                                   Hyderabad Howrah               Tadepalligudem
4. Konark Express                                        Mumbai Hyd-Bhuvaneswar Tadepalligudem
5. Visakha Express                                       Kachiguda(Hyd) Phalasa       Tanuku

From Vijayawada:
Train Name                                                     From To                                    Station to get down
1. Ratnachal Express                                     Vijayawada Vizag                    Tanuku

By Air :
The Nearest Airport is Vijayawada, 130 kms from Penugonda Town.

Bus Route:
Buses that ply to Narasapur from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Tirupathi, Vizag, Rajamundhri, Nidadavole.

Information extracted from (Source): Pamplets by Penugonda Vysyas, Sri Kanyaka Puranam.

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