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Goddess Vasavamba

Namasthe Vasavidevi | Namasthe Vishvapavani | Vratha-sambadhha | Koumathrethe Namonnamaha ||

May Goddess Vasavi Kannika Paramaeswari bless you with prosperity

Our Arya Vysya portal provides matrimonial details of ensuing brides and grooms. We also support them with required astrological reports. Some of the reports are free for the applicants. Star compatibility is freely accessible. Download application and send duly filled along with photo.

This site is is under constant updation. For details contact 09247110759 - Kumar

Click here for accomodation details in Tirupathy and Tirumala

Click here for Phone numbers of various Satras, Choultries, Associations, Accomodation etc

Following work can be performed for you in proper way and with chanting of Vedic Mantra at Varnasi

- All sorts of Puja
- Vastu Shanti, Graha Shanti etc.
- Udak Shanti / Nidhan Shanti / Tripad & Panchak Shanti etc.
- Janan Shanti
- All Other Miscellaneous Shanti
- Marriage
- Thread Ceremony (Upanayan / Munj)
- Laghu Rudra / Maharudra
- Laghurudra Swahakaar / Maharudra Swahakaar
- Ganesh Sahasravartan / Ganesh Yaag
- Nav Chandi Homam / Shat Chandi Homam etc.
- Graha Japam
- Saptashati Paath
- Gurucharitra Parayan
- All other Auspicious Rituals

If anybody needs my services for themselves or for their friends / relatives, kindly communicate with me at the following :

Vedmoorti Gopal Dubey
Residence Tel.. : Cell No. : 0 - 9313275006
E-Mail : gopal.dubey@gmail.com

Visitors are requested to submit any information regarding our community activity / organisations / clubs for necessary inclusion. They will be duly included along with their contact information after verification.



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