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Business Opportunities

Here is an no-investment income plan for everyone.
All the matrimonial websites take the data / profile of the ensuing brides / grooms freely and sell the same to required with a huge cost. In most cases, the contact is less than expected. We have launched an innovative method to keep the users aware of the contact details and the candidates are charged with a paltry amount. In this concept both the parties are benefited and our concept of non-profit social service is met out.

We have started matrimonial websites one for arya vysyas and one for all other communites, in which we have included matrimonial concept also. You can collect information - (bio data, photo) from the ensuing brides or grooms along with Rs.150-00 as registration fee. You can send us the profile along with only Rs.100-00 as registration fee and retain Rs.50-00 as your reward. This is for individual work.

For marriage agents / agencies / links we give an opportunity to place their data by including their profiles in our site with a paltry amount for a period of one year with the following offer.

From 1 to 50 profiles Rs.100-00 per profile as registration fee
From 51 to 100 profiles Rs.75-00 per profile as registration fee
From 101 onwards Rs.50-00 per profile as registration fee
(No part submissions allowed, only bulk registrations allowed)
The agents / agencies / links should first register themselves freely.
For all further details please contact Kumar - 09440230353



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